Sunny Ozell is a singer and songwriter haunting NYC’s music scene with an uncommon voice that taps into a thousand feelings. Equally adept at jazz standards as George Harrison, Bonnie Raitt and her own heartrending compositions, Ozell rips every song wide open, letting a deluge of pleasure and pain gush forth. A regular at Lower East Side music halls such as Rockwood and the Living Room for the past half-decade, Ozell has collaborated with the cream of that scene—including virtuoso guitarist Jim Campilongo, former Norah Jones band member Adam Levy, and singer-songwriter Krystal Warren—to produce some of the city’s finest classic pop.

She’s now a staunch Brooklynite, but Ozell’s story started way out West in Reno, Nevada, where she grew up harmonizing along with Hall and Oates in her dad’s Ford Bronco. Though she spent much of her childhood ski-racing, Ozell’s passion for singing has been a constant, driving force in her life. Through early classical training, Ozell developed the tight, soul-wrenching pipes that would take her from lead singer in Colorado-based pan-Latin party band Chupacabra to solo performer on the Manhattan singer-songwriter scene. Always a sucker for a sad song, she is hard at work on a spine-chilling repertoire that makes baring one’s soul seem the most elegant of pursuits.

-Cristina Black


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